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In a data rich world, Artificial Intelligence can contribute to solving significant challenges for society. However the use of AI needs to be legal and ethical respecting human rights. Graduates making AI systems need the correct blend of technological skills and ethical knowledge. They also need to be relevant to industry needs. 

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Starting: September 2022  

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A European Union funded project focused on Human Centered AI. This MSc aims to support Legal, Regulatory Compliant, Ethical adoption of AI by helping develop highly skilled resources with deep knowledge of AI and Human Centered approaches to its application. Graduates of this programme will have, not just a knowledge of Ethics relating to AI but also knowledge of how to apply these in real world situations. 

Location: Budapest, Dublin, Napoli, Utrecht.

Those with a primary degree and solid background in technology. Interested in the cutting-edge technology and being passionate to ensure that technology works for the good of mankind. Some background in programming and basic statistics is needed to undertake the programme.

Project ideas will come from real-world problems with the support of research centers and enterprises. For the first generation, the fees will supported by the EU.

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